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You won’t be disappointed in them either

Zsazsa Zaturnnah (full name: Ang Kagila gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah, translated to The Spectacular Adventures of Zsazsa Zaturnnah) is a cult favorite superhero comic from the Philippines. The story follows Ada, a gay man, who comes in contact with a large, spikey meteor which, when ingested, turns him into the Wonder Woman esque superheroine Zsazsa Zaturnnah. Zsazsa soon finds herself in conflict with the man hating Queen Femina from Planet XXX and her fellow Amazonistas.

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Dummied Out: Numerous elements in the game, often including part of the map of whatever update is coming in the next fifteen years. Elemental Rock Paper Scissors: Done in similar fashion of that of the Final Fantasy series. Elemental Powers: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Electricity, Poison, Shadow, and Light.

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